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Stainless Steel Sphere Ball Solar Power Water Feature - Different Size Options

(Approx $223.8001)
Direct from Supplier  Direct from Supplier

Stainless Steel Sphere Water Feature

This is a striking feature that will be a great talking point and a wonderful contemporary piece either inside or out. With its cleverly built in white LED light, water gracefully bubbles up through the top and spills over its polished shining surface to the sump below. It is particularly stunning at night.

This high grade, highly polished stainless steel Sphere is solar powered.

The Solar Power kit allows you to place the feature where ever you like and not worry about power cables. With integrated lithium-ion cells, this solar system will work day or night. Our solar systems allow you to place the water feature where you want in your garden, place the solar cell in a sunny spot (within 5m of the feature). Then switch it ON and OFF at your convenience. An average fully charged system will power your feature & Lights for around 5 hours*. Plus whatever it gains during the daylight exposure at the time. 

  • 5m low voltage garden grade Solar cable - This connects the Pump to the Solar Panel
  • LED Converter Cable, This is to connect your LED's in the Feature so the Solar powers them (5m Long)
  • Solar Pump Kit, Including Solar Panel & Fixing Brackets

*Please be aware these systems are designed for summer seasons and will experience reduced performance during the winter months, UV strength is reduced; even in direct sunlight.  This will reduce the systems capabilities to charge the battery & operate the pump simultaneously. 

Remember to keep it regularly topped up.

Sizes available.

  • 20cm Stainless Steel Sphere Height: 35 Width: 30 Depth: 30cm  - (Sump/Reservoir 12cm by 34cm) 
  • 30cms Stainless Steel Sphere Height: 45 Width: 40 Depth: 40cm  - (Sump/Reservoir 12cm by 34cm)
  • 40cms Stainless Steel Sphere Height: 55 Width: 40 Depth: 40cm - (Sump/Reservoir 15cm by 40cm)
  • 50cms Stainless Steel Sphere Height: 75 Width: 50 Depth: 50cm - (Sump/Reservoir 20cm by 55cm)
  • 60cms Stainless Steel Sphere Height: 85 Width: 75 Depth: 75cm - (Sump/Reservoir 20cm by 55cm)
  • 75cms Stainless Steel Sphere Height: 100 Width: 75 Depth: 75cm - (Sump/Reservoir  25cm by 65cm Diameter)
  • 100cms Stainless Steel Sphere Height: 125 Width: 100 Depth: 100cm - (Sump/Reservoir  25cm by 55cm Diameter)

  • LED Lighting
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel 
  • UV Tested
  • Frost Resistant

Also available as Mains Power. Please Click Here.

  • Product CodeTRAN-TR/10105-S2
  • Height35cm
  • Width30cm
  • Depth30cm
  • ColourN/A