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About Us

David and Margaret set up The Garden Factory as an online garden centre in 2009. They have been involved in gardening, landscaping and garden retail for over 50 years!  Together with a dedicated team of gardening experts, they run the online business in conjunction with the lively Abercorn Garden Centre in Chelmsford, Essex.


Our aim is to offer the best value, high quality, quickly delivered gardening products throughout the UK, with customer service to match the best in the Industry. Yes, we're aiming high, but we think you'll find exceptional prices, backed up with friendly, helpful staff with a wealth of knowledge and an eagerness to assist.


At the Garden Factory we sell high quality garden products for very competitive prices. How do we do this? Simple, because we don't put our resources into retail shops, brochures, marketing campaigns or fancy packaging. Our energy goes into the spade you dig with, the arch you walk under or the bench you sit on, rather than bits you don't see.


We recycle boxes and packaging from local firms in our area. It's our way of doing a weenie bit for the planet and it helps keep prices low. Sometimes it doesn't look so pretty, but what matters to us is that your product arrives quickly and in tip-top condition.

We realise it's pretty hard to make a buying decision based on a 2-Dimensional image so we make our own videos on products we think you'll like. We hope that it may help you make a more informed choice.

We have 'one-off' deals in our newsletter and on facebook, for you to take advantage of.

8 reasons why you should choose us

  • We source from the UK where possible and are always hunting for novel and interesting garden products.
  • We're great value and are always trying to keep our prices competitive.
  • You're buying the goods, not the signage, coffee shop and marketing campaigns.
  • Fast delivery - two working days as standard.
  • Fixed delivery rate on most items to most areas of the U.K.
  • We recycle our packaging because we hate waste and it saves money too.
  • There is over 50 years of gardening experience here so we'll give you good advice.
  • We make our own product videos to help you to make a more informed choice.

Please Note: At the moment we do not sell potted plants but we do offer a selection of bulbs, seed packs and potatoes during the relevant seasons. The website is constantly changing as new stock arrives. We always welcome your feedback but sorry, we donít publish a printed catalogue.