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Rectangular 6 Seater Furniture Set Cover

(Approx $40.0836)
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This is a quality rectangular garden table cover which will protect your 6 seater rectangle table. This cover has a height of 80cm and is ideal for overwintering or in poor weather.

This waterproof garden table cover will protect your valuable table from fading - it is UV stablilised - and from water penetrating the wood. 

So prolong the life of your table with our quality, tough,  all-weather laminated, woven polyethylene cover.

This is an excellent value furniture cover - easy to put on and remove

  • 210cm Long
  • 80cm High
  • 110cm Deep
  • Product CodeBOS-WEP0107
  • Height80cm
  • Width210cm
  • Depth110cm
  • ColourN/A