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Wisteria summer pruning

Posted August 24th 2016 in Topical Tips 2 Comments
Wisteria summer pruning

Wisteria need pruning twice a year - in January/February, and now in July/August.  Its a simple job if done regularly!

Cut back the 'whippy' green shoots on the current growth to around 5 to 6 leaves.  Remove any shoots that are not where you wish them to be.  Do this after the plant has finished flowering.  This will stop the Wisteria from rambling and will encourage flower buds for next season.  Always use sharp secatuers.

Old plants or plants that have not had any maintenance for some time can be hard pruned at this time of year. Remove old or worn out growth.  A sharp pruning saw may be required if the wood is too big for secatuers or loppers.  Remove growth in places where it is not wanted - eg in the house gutters!  Cut back hard to just above some new growth.  This will tidy up the plant, will stimulate new growth and give the chance to train the plant where it is wanted.

Wisteria can be easily trained over an arch or trellis or onto a wall.  Tie in branches where you wish and keep new shoots under control.  Wisteria can be grown up existing trees, but this will eventually choke the tree, so is not recommended.

Enjoy your Wisteria

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