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Things to do in September

Posted September 7th 2015 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Things to do in September

Autumn is fast approaching and the days are drawing in.  There is still plenty that can be done in the garden.  Here are a few of our top tips.

Fruit garden - pick any berry fruit that is still growing, such as raspberries.  Hedgerows are full of brambles that will be ready for collecting later in the month.  Check apples and pears - a light tug on the fruit will show if they are ready - or pick apples and check that the pips have turned black.  Pick and store in a cool, dark room until needed.

Vegetable garden - dig main crop potatoes and store in a cool, dark room.  Continue to dig carrots, beetroot and other vege as required (don't dig parsnips until after the first frost to improve flavour).  Plant winter flowering peas, beans and brassicas for early spring cropping.

Plant spring bulbs now ready for a good show in spring.

Clear out greenhouses and cold frames of finished crops.  Clean down all surfaces to ensure that any bugs or diseases are not carried forward into the new season.

Continue to water plants if the weather is dry. 

Divide herbaceous perennials.  Do this every few years to restore vigore into the plants and to stop them taking over parts of the garden!  Do this once they have finished flowering by lifting with a fork, pulling apart or cutting with a sharp knife.  Replant as soon as possible.

Happy gardening!

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