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Things to do in October

Posted October 12th 2015 in Topical Tips 1 Comments
Things to do in October

October sees the weather really start to cool down - autumn is here!  There are still plenty of things that can be done in the garden and here are some suggestions

Fruit garden - apples and pears are now ready to pick.  Pick apples before they fall from the tree to store - do this by wrapping each apple in newspaper and storing in a container in a cool room, where they should keep for a number of months.  Pears are not as easy to store and are best used or preserved.  Nut trees will also be dropping their harvest and these can be collected and dried. Use a fruit picker tool to reach those high up fruits!

Vegetable garden - continue to use carrots, beetroot, leeks and spinach as required.  Parsnips are still best left until after a frost.  Clear away any other vegetables that have finished for the year - throw away any diseased plants/leaves and put the rest on the compost heap.

Lawns - you may get one last cut of the lawn if the season has stayed warm. Now is a good time to scarify and aerate the lawn.  The lawn would also benefit from a top dressing at this time of year.

Flower garden - summer plants will be fading by now.  Tender plants (such as dahlia tubers) should be uplifted and stored in a greenhouse or warmer shed for the winter.  Perennials that have died back can be cleared up and split if necessary.  Plant gaps in the garden and tubs up with pansies and violias for colour through the winter and into spring.

Enjoy the garden!

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