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Spring bulb planting

Posted September 12th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Spring bulb planting

September is an ideal time to start choosing daffodils, narcissus, tulips and other bulbs ready to plant when you have a moment.  This will give you a brilliant display of colour in the garden early in the new season.  The Garden Centre currently has an impressive display to choose from.

Growing daffodils and tulips couldn't be easier.  The flower is already set in the bulb, so all you need to do is plant, water and wait!

To get the very best from your bulbs we suggest the following tips -

Plant bulbs in mid to late autumn.  This will allow bulbs to start rooting while the weather is warmer.  Use a bulb planter to help with this.  Sprinkling Root Grow when planting may help increase/maintain bulb size.

Plant bulbs at least twice their width apart and at a depth of two or three times their height.  Deeper planting seems to increase the chances of re-flowering in following years.  Lack of depth is a common problem in bulbs being 'blind' (all leaves and no flower action).

Bulbs can be planted direct into the garden, or in pots which can be moved for maximum enjoyment.

Bulbs need water when they are actively growing.  Water daily as flower buds appear to help increase the flower size.  Feeding with Tomorite at this stage will make the plants even stronger.

Deadhead old flowers in the spring to encourage new growth.  Bulbs do not need to be lifted at the end of the season.  Most will 'naturalise' in the garden, but can be moved to new locations if required.

Plant now for glorious spring colour. Enjoy the garden!

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