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September Gardening Tips

Posted September 4th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
September Gardening Tips

September heralds the coming of autumn.  Days are drawing in and evenings are getting cooler.  The garden is still looking good and this is our last chance to enjoy it in warmth for a while!  There are a few jobs that can be done this month -

Divide herbaceous perennials once they have finished flowering.  This will give you more plants for next year and will ensure the continued strength of the plant.  Lift roots gently with a fork.  Small, fibrous roots (eg on a hosta) can be 'teased' apart.  Other plants may need more encouragement to split and woody crowns (eg helleborus) may need splitting using a spade. Replant as soon as possible and water well.

Plant spring bulbs - September means the garden centre has an extensive range of bulbs ready for planting - in the garden, in tubs or where ever you have a spot that would suit spring colour.

Continue to harvest fruit and vegetables from the garden.  Dig potatoes and store.  Cut leaves off tomatoes that may be shading the fruit - this will encourage the fruit to ripen.  Leave a few leaves though! Preserve any excess for the lean winter months.

Clean out the greenhouse or cold frame ready for over wintering plants.

Enjoy the last of the summer warmth in the garden.

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