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Rose and Shrub Pruning

Posted March 14th 2017 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Rose and Shrub Pruning

Mid March is a good time to prune roses and shrubs.  They will be just shooting new buds, so prune before they form full blooms.  We recommend you always use sharp and clean secateurs.

Roses should be cut approx. 5mm above a bud.  Cut on a slope, pointing towards the outside of the plant, to allow water to run off.  Cut out dead wood and consider any other shoots that may improve the structure of the plant and that will allow airflow through the plant.  Established bush roses can be cut back to 5 to 6 buds from the base of the plant.  Prune climbers and trained roses back to where you wish them to flower this year.

Roses will also benefit from feeding to help with healthy and strong blooms.  Use slow release fertiliser such as Miracle Gro Rose & Shrub feed.

Shrubs can also be pruned, as long as they are not spring flowering varieties!  Leave these until after they have flowered.  Cut out dead wood and any shoots that are inhibiting the shape of the plant or not allowing the flow of air around the plant.

Come and see our experts in house for specific advice on your shrubs.

Enjoy the garden!

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