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Propogating plants

Posted August 30th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Propogating plants

Late summer is a good time to take cuttings from favourite plants.  Many plants are able to be propogated - such as solanum, trachelospermum, camellia, hebe, viburnum, bay, lavender, sage, fuschia and geranium to name a few.

Always choose a section of this years healthy growth,using sharp secateurs.  Make sure you have a 10 - 15 cm cutting.  Put this cutting into a plastic bag, or soak in water until you are ready to use.  Ideally the sooner you can plant the cutting, the better.

Trim off bottom leaves.  If the cutting has large leaves, then cutting these leaves in half will help the plant to root, as the plants energy will go into the roots rather than the leaves.

Dip the cutting in a hormone rooting powder or gel.  Pot into a mix of potting compost, sharp sand or perlite and water well.

Cover in plastic and place on a windowsill, or keep warm in a greenhouse. They could also be put in a propogating tray. Make sure the plant is kept moist and remove any damaged or dead leaves as needed.

Your cuttings should begin to root and if looked after well will be ready for hardening off in spring and planting in the garden.

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