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Poinsettias easy care tips

Posted December 20th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Poinsettias easy care tips

Poinsettias are traditional Christmas gifts and are lovely to give and receive!  They are easy to look after -

Remember they do not like cold or draughts!  Even when you are buying them, make sure you cover them while you take them outside and get them inside as soon as possible.  Ideally they like temperatures above 13 degrees C (55F), away from the window and the radiatior, in a draught free area!  They prefer bright, but filtered light.

Poinsettias only require water sparingly - when the surface drys out.  Do not overwater, as they will rot.  Misting regularly keeps them looking good.

Poinsettias are often thrown away after Christmas, but they will last if they are looked after.  So don't throw that lovely gift away!!  The red on the leaves will fade during the year, but if you put the plant in a dark space in November, you will have a bigger, brighter, red leaved plant again next Christmas.  Feed with a low nitrogen, high potassium feed during the year.

Enjoy your poinsettia.  Merry Christmas from us all at The Garden Factory.

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