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Planting for wildlife

Posted May 31st 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Planting for wildlife

Wondering what plants to put in the garden? How about considering planting for wildlife - create a beautiful display in your garden and encourage birds and bees.  You don't need a big garden - just a bit of imagination!

Leave a small area of the garden with leaf mulch in it - hedgehogs love this and so do many small bugs.  If your garden is fenced in, make a gap or hole in the base of part of the fence to allow hedgehog traffic in and out of the garden.

Hedging plants such as hawthorn and privet will produce berries each year.  Blackberries, sunflowers and pyracantha give seeds and berries for hungry birds in autumn and winter.

Buddleja is know as the 'butterfly bush', Jasmine will attract butterflies and bees and many plants will attract bees - such as Erysimum, Campanula, Dahlia, Borage, Arbutus and Salvia are a few.  Watch also for hoverfly and moths feeding.

When purchasing seeds and plants look for the symbol which shows plants that are 'perfect for pollinators'.  Leave trimming back perennials until early spring to allow shelter for overwintering bugs such as ladybirds.  Delaying deadheading at the end of the season will also give a food source to many birds such as chaffinches who will feed on the seedheads.

There are many plants you could use in the garden - both big and small which will look great and be good for the wildlife.

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