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Planting bulbs

Posted March 22nd 2017 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Planting bulbs

March is a great time to get out in the garden as the weather allows.  Now would be a good time to consider planting bulbs and tubers such as gladioli, dahlia, lillies and ranunculus, ready for a fabulous show later in the season.

As a rule, bulbs should be planted to a depth equal to twice their height.  eg. a 2cm tall bulb should be planted approx 6cm deep.  Plant directly into well prepared and well drained soil or plant in a tub.  Plant bulbs in groups of three or more to add impact.  Always plant bulbs with their 'nose', or 'shoot', facing upwards and keep a space the width of the bulb between each one.

Tubers should be planted direct once the risk of frost is past, or in pots where they can be kept frost free.  Plant in good quality compost mixed with garden soil.  Keeping them warm in a greenhouse will encourage early growth.

Keep moist, but not overwatered as plants are actively growing.  At this time, feeding with tomorite weekly will encourage healthier plants and better blooms.

As shoots appear, watch for hungry slugs and snails!

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