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October Gardening Tips

Posted October 5th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
October Gardening Tips

October in the garden is tidy up time!  There are lots of jobs that can be undertaken, should the weather be kind.

Lift dahlia and begonia tubers and gladiolus corms for storage over winter.  Keep them dry and frost free.  In some areas you may be able to leave these in the ground, but for the majority of the UK this is not the case.

Plant out daffodils, tulips and alliums ready for spring colour. A bulb planter makes this job easier. Plant pansies, violas and wallflowers for colour through the winter months. Pansies and Violas work well in the garden and in tubs or baskets, but must be kept watered.

Prune climbing roses once they finish flowering.  This will envigorate them for next year and stop them getting too big.

Continue to harvest vegetables while you can - pumpkins are ready when the foliage dies down.  Potatoes should be stored by now.  You many still have tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse - cut these and hang them upside down inside to aid ripening.  Plant out garlic and onions now for next year.  Garlic especially benefits from the cold.

Cut down old wood on raspberries and tie in the new growth ready for next year.  Put grease bands on fruit trees - especially apples to stop winter moths getting a hold.  Take the netting off your fruit cage ready for winter.

Clean and disenfect the greenhouse and remove any shading.

October should see the last grass cut being made.  Now would be a good time to aerate the lawn using a fork, or special aerating shoesRake any thatch off the lawn to encourage new growth.

Your garden is now neat and tidy and ready for you to relax through the winter!  Enjoy the garden.

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