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November Gardening Jobs

Posted November 9th 2015 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
November Gardening Jobs

The days are shortening and cooling down - November is here!  There is still plenty that can be done in the garden -

Leaves will still be falling - they can be collected for leaf mulch, spread on an empty bed, or discarded.

Garden birds will be getting hungry as food sources disappear - remember to feed them through the winter and keep their feed stations clean.  There is a great range of food available to attract wildlife and to keep it healthy.  Set up an area in your garden just for the birds - bird boxes and tables make attractive additions to the garden. Make it close enough to the house to enjoy the activity from the comfort of your chair!

Prevent moth damage on fruit trees by applying a grease band to the trunk.  Grease bands are pesticide free and will prevent caterpillars climbing the tree, thereby stopping moth infestations in the spring.  They are ideal for fruit trees such as apple and pear, but can be used on other trees as well if necessary.

Prune roses down by a third - this will help avert any wind damage.

Tulips can still be planted ready for a bright spring display.

Plant up the garden and pots and tubs with winter bedding - this will keep the colour in the garden right through winter and into spring. Primrose, Viola and Pansy will give a good display all winter.  Add height to a tub with a dwarf conifer or ajuga.

Enjoy the garden!


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