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Caring for your Lawn

Posted July 6th 2017 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Caring for your Lawn

Your lawn will be looking green and healthy at this time of year.  Here are some tips to keep it that way, giving you a perfect area for kids, relaxation and pets.

Moss in the lawn will act like a sponge, preventing light, water and nutrients from getting to the roots. Layers of dead grass and moss need to be removed to keep your lawn healthy.  This process is called scarifying and can be done with a garden rake or a scarifier.  These use blades to cut out thatch (dead grass) and moss.  They will allow air and water into the soil.  However, if your grass has been neglected, scarifying will not make it look better in the short term, so be prepared!, and make sure you re-seed and feed straight away.

Aerating, or spiking, your lawn improves drainage and will stimulate growth by allowing air at the roots.  Lawn aerating shoes will do a perfect job (and give you a workout!), or you can spike the garden using a garden fork.

After you have scarified, put new seed down in bare patches, cover with a fine layer of compost or top soil and water well.  Keep well watered as the new growth appears.  Small patches can be filled with Westlands Patch Fix.  Feed your lawn with liquid fertiliser after you have cut it with Miracle Gro Lawn Food.

Keep your lawn mown regularly, feed and water as required and you will have a beautiful lawn all year round.

Enjoy the garden.

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