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Lily (lilium) growing hints and tips

Posted March 29th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Lily (lilium) growing hints and tips

Liliums (lily) make a beautiful addition to the garden and if you haven't already planted your bulbs, then now is a good time to get started!

Lilium prefer a sunny position in the garden with fertile, free draining soil.  They will also grow well in pots or tubs.  If you plant them direct into the garden, make a large hole and plant the bulb to a depth three times its height.  Fill with good quality soil or compost.  An addition of bone meal or growmore to the soil at this time will help growth.

Growing in a tub requires a tub of at least 10" diameter.  Put some small stones in the bottom of the pot to aid drainage and then fill with compost and plant as above.  If you have a larger pot this will better as the plant grows and will be less likely to blow/fall over.

Lilium will require feeding regularly once the buds start to appear.  Tomorite is a good choice at this time.  Lilium can grow very tall, so make sure they are supported with a strong stake - especially if your garden is open to the wind.

Lily beetle can be a problem.  While these red bugs can look attractive, their lavae can be very destructive and bugs should be removed and crushed as soon as you see them.  Look also for lavae on the backs of leaves.  Spraying with provado will help with this pest.

We stock a range of lilium in store.  If you only plant one, then make it 'stargazer' for a superb display.

Lilium are stunning in the garden and well worth the effort! Enjoy your garden.

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