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June in the garden

Posted June 15th 2017 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
June in the garden

The weather is improving, things are moving along in the garden and now is the time to enjoy your efforts!  There are still many activities to get you in the garden.

New potatoes will be nearly ready to harvest.  Once they have flowered they can be dug up as required.  You do not have to wait for the foliage to die back to start enjoying first earlies.  These varieties tend to not store as well as main crop, so enjoy now with mint that is abundant in the garden.

Summer fruits will be starting to ripen.  Make sure you get to the fruit before the birds do!  We have been enjoying strawberries, raspberries and tayberries from our garden here, with many other fruits starting to ripen. Eat fresh, make jam, summer pudding, pies and tarts, or freeze for later use.

Keep sowing lettuces, radish and spring onions in succession for summer long salads.

Onions may have toppled over in recent winds, but do not dig them up yet - wait for the tops to die back before lifting.  They will still grow and swell as they are.  Garlic and leeks may be showing signs of rust.  There is no cure for this, but the vege should still be growing through it.  Heavily damaged plants will need removing and destroying (not composted), but most plants will survive and be edible.

Continue to feed and maintain hanging baskets and tubs, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Feed weekly, deadhead old flowers to encourage new growth, nip out side shoots on tomatoes, tie up cucumbers.

Eat courgettes as fast as you can!!

Get out and enjoy our Great British Summer in the garden.

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