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January Gardening Tips

Posted January 2nd 2017 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
January Gardening Tips

Happy New Year!  On the nicer days in January you may wish to get out in the garden and enjoy the fresh air.  Here are some ideas on jobs to do -

Keep feeding the birds!  Once the cold weather sets in they need extra help finding feed.  Keep feeding areas clean, give them fresh water and healthy food.  January is a good time to clean out bird boxes.

Weed!  Why do weeds grow better than some plants!?  Weed if required, but try and stay off the ground, so that it does not become compacted.  Using a board on the ground to tread on will help.

Cover vegetable garden with black polythene if you are keen to get early crops in.  This will help to raise the temperature of the soil, and will assist with keeping the weeds at bay!

Many deciduous trees can be pruned over January.  Cut back dead wood, open up the tree to allow air flow through, but do not get too carried away.  Use sharp and clean secateurs.  Check tree ties and stakes to ensure they are firm but not restricting the plant.

Keep the temperature of the greenhouse above 5 degrees if you are overwintering plants such as fuchsia.  Use bubblewrap to insulate the greenhouse or use a heater.  Use an electric propogator to get a real head start on planting.

Look at your garden and plan how it is going to impress this coming season.  Seeds are back in the shop, so January is a good time to start planning.  Organise the seeds you have into months they can be planted.

Enjoy the garden.

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