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Hyacinth bulbs

Posted October 19th 2015 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Hyacinth bulbs

Hyacinths have a unique scent.  They can be planted to be enjoyed at Christmas or in spring in the garden.  Plant in early autumn in the garden, or indoors to 'force' ready for a delightful Christmas display. Use a bulb planter for easier planting.

Outdoors Hyacinths can be planted in the garden or in pots.  Plant them to a depth of 4 inches.  They will flower in March and April and provide a delightful scent around the garden.  Flower heads should be chopped off once they are finished, but foliage should be left until it dies down.  Once this happens bulbs may be lifted, dried and stored in a cool dark shed until required again.

Indoors Hyacinths can be planted in pots of bulb fibre or loose soil.  Bulbs should be shallow planted, so that only the tops show.  If you are wanting flowers for Christmas, put the pots in a cool, dark room/shed.  Check them regularly and keep the soil moist.  Once the shoots are 4 - 5 cm, bring them indoors and treat like a houseplant.  Keep away from draughts and water as required.

Hyancinths can also be grown indoors in bulb vases - choose a vase where the bulb sits neatly in the top, fill with water to just below (but not touching) the bulb.  Again, put in a dark, cool room/shed until the shoots are 4 - 5 cm before bringing indoors.

Enjoy the delightful flowers and unique scent of your Hyacinths!

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