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Growing acid loving ericaceous plants

Posted April 12th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Growing acid loving ericaceous plants

Ericaceous plants are plants that love acid soil and really don't like lime!  These include Rhododendrons, Camellias, Japanese Maples (Acers), Pieris and Blueberries to name a few.  With a bit of extra care these plants can make a colourful display in your garden and are well worth the effort.

Ericaceous plants will not tolerate lime, or alkaline soils.  You will notice that leaves start to yellow and the plant will not thrive if your soil is too alkaline.  If you wish to plant directly into the garden, dig a large hole and fill with a specialist ericaceous compost before planting.  Planting in pots and tubs with specialist compost will work well and will mean your plant is moveable about the garden.

Plants will require regular watering, especially in dry periods and will benefit from regular feeding.  Ericaceous feed is available in liquid form or as a granular feed which is water soluable.

Once in the correct soil and position these plants will thrive and create a beautiful addition to your garden.

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