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Greenhouse Jobs in December

Posted December 10th 2015 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Greenhouse Jobs in December

Jobs to do in the Greenhouse in December.

December is the perfect time to get in the greenhouse, below are tips on how to look after your greenhouse and winter protection for your plants.

Clean Your Greenhouse:

It is the perfect time to clean out the greenhouse thoroughly.

  • Wash the glass, the floor and the staging with horticultural disinfectant to kill any overwintering pests and diseases - Jeyes Fluid is ideal for this CLICK HERE.
  • If it snows off the tops of greenhouses and coldframes to prevent the glass being damaged.
  • It a good idea to insulate outdoor taps or turn them off at the mains.
  • Ventilate the greenhouse on warm days to reduce humidity and the risk of disease and condensation too.
  • Prepare greenhouse soil works in some manure. Leave enough space to add compost on an later date.
  • Plant bulbs in large pots of compost ready to fill any gaps in spring borders that you may.
  • Water plants sparingly to maintain as dry an atmosphere as possible.

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