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Greenhouse and Path cleaning

Posted February 29th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Greenhouse and Path cleaning

Spring as nearly sprung, so it is time to get ready for the new season.  It is important to clean your greenhouse annually to eradicate any pests and diseases that may have overwintered in the greenhouse and to clear the glass ready for new sowings.  You will also need to remove algae, moss and residual grime to allow more light in.

Always empty the greenhouse completely of overwintered plants, pots and other bits that gather!  It is important to wash the glass inside and out to remove all grime and pests. This will also remove any shading you may have applied in the heat of last summer to allow more light for new sowings. Start by brushing off the worst of the grime and then wash down with a disinfectant or detergent.  A floor mop will reach most places - including the tops of the roof.  Jeyes fluid could be used for this or if you are using a household cleaner, then one using hot water will be more effective.

Make sure that gutters are cleared of leaves and muck, leaving waterbutts clear.  You may consider cleaning out the waterbutt if it has become clogged over the winter.

Paths could also benefit from a tidy up at this time.  Moss, algae and mud can make for slippery and unpleasant looking paths.  Use a pressure washer if you can, or a hose and stiff brush. Patio magic is an efficient way of clearing paths and getting them neat for a new season.  Any weeds should be removed and further weeds could be controlled using weedkiller such as Pathclear.

Once the greenhouse has dried, all the plants can be returned.  The greenhouse is now ready for a new season's action!

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