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Gardening jobs in March

Posted March 8th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Gardening jobs in March

Spring is starting to show its face and it is time to really get stuck into the garden!  Don't be tempted to start too early, but bear in mind that there are many jobs that can be started in March.

Dig over the garden as the weather warms, as long as the ground is not too damp.  Now is a good time to dig in well rotted manure from the compost heap, or from the garden centre.  If you have grown green manure, March is a good time to cut down the foliage and dig it in - make sure all greenery is completly covered by soil to get maximum benefit.

Shallots and onions can be planted now.  Later in the month, as the weather really warms, first early potatoes that have been chitting can be planted.  Make sure they are covered by a good layer of soil to protect from late frosts.

March is a good time to think about planting trees in the garden - they will be coming out of their winter 'dormancy' and will benefit from being in good soil.  Make sure they are well watered, and keep them well watered - this is especially important for the first year as they establish themselves.

Summer flowering bulbs should be planted now - ready for a glorious display later in the year.  These include gladiolus, lilies and dahlias.

Any perennials that are getting too big can be lifted, split and replanted now.  March is also a good time to plant new perennials if you have a gap in the garden.

Continue to plant seeds in the greenhouse.  Ventilate the greenhouse on warm days.

Watch for slugs - they are getting hungry.

Feed roses as they start growing and get the lawn mower working on the lawn.

Just a few jobs to get the season kick started!  Enjoy the garden!

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