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Gardening jobs in July

Posted July 5th 2017 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Gardening jobs in July

Summer is here - the days are warm and its time to enjoy the great outdoors!  Now the fun jobs start in the garden -

Feed and water hanging baskets and tubs regularly, with fertiliser such as Tomorite.  This is ideal for tomatoes and other vegetables too and feeding should be done weekly at this time of year.  Nip out old flowers in your displays to encourage further flower growth.  Continue to remove side stems from the tomato plants to encourage fruit growth.

Keep an eye on recently planted stock.  Make sure they have enough water during dry spells.  Trees and shrubs especially need extra care until they get established.

Early potatoes will be ready to dig.  Enjoy them with mint that is going mad in the garden now.

Get out to a local 'pick your own' for soft fruit before it is too late, or continue to harvest fruit in your garden.  The warm weather is speeding along the fruit, so it won't last much longer!

Lift garlic as soon as foliage dies down and make sure they are dried out in a single layer in the sunshine, or in a well ventilated shed.

Keep the birds happy by putting out a mix of seeds in your feeders.

Enjoy the sunshine in the garden!

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