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Gardening jobs in February

Posted February 1st 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Gardening jobs in February

February can be a cold month, but spring is just around the corner. There are still jobs that can be done in the garden in preparation for the warmth of spring!

February is a good time to consider pruning ornamental grasses and winter flowering shrubs.   Do this after they have finished flowering, to tidy them up, keep them compact and give them the best start to the season.  Wisteria will also benefit from pruning now.

February can be a cold and windy month, so if your fruit trees are starting to blossom it may be worth protecting the trees if the weather turns nasty.

Rhubarb can be forced under a terracotta pot.  Potatoes can be chitted in a cool, frost free dark room ready for the soil to warm.  February is a good time to have a general clean up of the garden and greenhouse in readiness for the coming season.

Snowdrops will benefit from being divided after they have flowered, but while the leaves are still green.  A clump could be split and spread around the garden for a bigger show in years to come.

The birds will still be hungry, so don't forget them! Make sure bird tables are kept clean and food topped up.

February is a good time to contemplate the coming season, plan what you wish to plant, visit the garden centre and get prepared.  While some seeds could be planted now, most will benefit from waiting a few more weeks for the warmer weather.

Enjoy the preparation and planning!

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