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Frost Protection

Posted April 24th 2017 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Frost Protection

Spring can be a temperamental time of year weather wise, and this year is no exception.  While we have generally enjoyed above average temperatures to date and the garden is shooting ahead, we should be vigilant for frosts and cooler temperatures at night.  It is tempting to put out tender plants now, but only do so if you have the means (and the time!) to protect them from overnight frosts.

Many plants are tender and you should be warned of this at the garden centre - ours has lots of signs about warning you to protect from frost.  There are a number of ways to do this -

Keep tender plants in a warm greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill until the risk of frosts is past (generally mid May).

Cover plants in the garden with horticultural fleece, fleece cloches, plastic cloches or upturned plant pots.  Remove during the day to allow air around the plants.

Fruit trees and bushes can be particularly suspectible to frost damage.  Blossum and young buds need protection.  If your plant is not too big you can cover with fleece.

Longer term frost protection could be planting trees in warm, sunny, frost free spots - such as a south facing wall.  Mulch around existing trees to protect roots and keep grass around trees short as long grass prevents heat radiation up from the soil.

Enjoy and protect your garden.

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