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Easter Gardening with the Children

Posted April 12th 2017 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Easter Gardening with the Children

Are you wondering what to do with the children this Easter?  Why not encourage them into the garden?  There are many quick projects to encourage and educate the children.  Here are some of our hints -

Digging - get them digging in the garden.  They could use a border spade (narrower than the traditional spade) or buy them their own, child's size.  Find worms and other bugs in the garden.  A trowel and fork of their own would encourage digging too.

Runner beans - these grow quickly and are great fun in the garden.  The added bonus is they just might eat the beans!!  Buy seeds, or packs of beans from the garden centre.  Plant them approx 4" apart in a circle.  Use canes to make a 'wigwam' around the seeds - tying the canes at the top (making sure pointy ends are away from eyes).  As the beans grow up the canes, a wigwam is formed - great for summer games, better than a tent and with a bonus crop of beans.  They require little work - just keep watered.

Plant sunflowers now in a sunny spot in the house.  When they are approx 30cm tall they can be planted in the garden - who can grow the tallest, the biggest, the prettiest?  There are many varieties of sunflowers to choose from, but we recommend the tallest you can find!  Beware - slugs like young sunflowers, so protect them with slug pellets when you first plant them out.

Radish - these seeds grow really quickly and can be planted directly into a small patch in the garden at any time.  If you want fast results then these are your seeds - children will see results within days.  You may even encourage them to eat something a bit different.

Build a bug shelter from old bits of wood, bricks, old canes, straw - whatever you may have lurking.  Put it in a quiet part of the garden and see who comes to use it!  Variety of materials is best to attract a wider variety of bugs.

Grow tomatoes - they can be put in pots, hanging baskets, grow bags or straight into a sunny part of the garden.  Support with canes, nip out side shoots as they appear and enjoy your own tasty tomatoes.

Plant a courgette or a pumpkin - and if you are really clever, if you scratch your name on the 'fruit' while it is small, your name will grow with the plant, so later in the season you will have your own personalised vegetables!

We hope some of these ideas might inspire the kids into the garden!  Enjoy.

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