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Controlling slugs and snails

Posted May 23rd 2017 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Controlling slugs and snails

Slugs and snails are an ever present pest in the garden.  Recent rains mean that they will be back out in force, so take measures to ensure you control the population in your garden before they eat all your hard work!

Slugs and snails (gastropods) tend to come out at night, especially after rain.  They thrive in damp conditions, so a well watered garden is a haven for them.  A nightly walk around with a torch, bucket and trowel is a good, organic way to start control.

Some plants are more susceptible to attack than others - gastropods love hostas and small seedlings.  Mulching around plants with gravel or wood chips will help protect.  Copper tape around pots will stop them climbing in.  Cover small seedlings with a cloche until they are established.

If you have some out of date beer (or a spare can!) you can make a 'beer trap'.  Pour some beer into a container and sink it in the ground to surface level.  Gastropods love beer, so will drown happy!  Your beer trap will probably need replenshing and cleaning out daily.

Slug pellets can also be sprinkled around plants.  Some pellets are considered safe for pets and wildlife, so be sure to check the packet if you are concerned.

Vigilance will keep these pesky pests at bay. 

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