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Choosing Christmas Trees

Posted November 24th 2015 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Choosing Christmas Trees

Our Christmas trees are arriving!  Once again we have an exciting selection to choose from.  But which will suit you best, and how do you look after them?

Trees will either be cut or pot grown.  Pot grown trees will be a lot smaller (70cm - 120cm) and as the name suggests, will have been grown in the fields in their pots!  They can be bought into the house and treated like a houseplant for the Christmas period.  After, they can be kept in the garden in their pots, or transplanted into the garden.  Pot grown trees are available for Serbian Pines, Norway Spruce and Nordmann Blue trees.

Cut trees will only survive the Christmas period - and then only if they are looked after properly!  Traditional trees are Norway Spruces.  These have very small needles and are guaranteed to drop some needles while inside.  However many people appreciate these trees as they have a lovely scent that other varieties do not have.  They also tend to be smaller trees (1 - 2 metres).

If you are looking for a 'low needle drop' tree then the answer is a Nordmann Blue.  These trees have larger needles than the traditional Norway and a higher sap content, which means they are more likely to hold onto their needles.  These trees will be from 1 - 3 metres in height.

Proper care is the key to a happy Christmas tree. We recommend the following tips when you bring home your cut Christmas tree-

Cut an inch off the base of the tree, like you would a bunch of flowers.  This will open up the pores and allow water into the stem. 

Plunge the tree into a bucket of water and keep there for at least a day if possible before bringing into the house.  Ideally, leave the tree outside in a cool spot as long as the kids will allow you!

Use a large bucket or a tree stand to hold your tree in place in the house.  If possible, choose a tree stand that has room for you to keep water around the trunk, and keep this regularly topped up.

DO NOT put the tree by a radiator or other heat source - that will speed up the drying out process!

If real trees are not your thing, then there is a large range of artificial trees available that can be used year after year.

Decorate as you please and have a very happy Christmas!

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