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Caring for summer baskets and tubs

Posted July 18th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
Caring for summer baskets and tubs

Summer is the time to enjoy all your previous hard work in the garden.  Baskets and tubs should be a mass of colour.  A small amount of effort will keep them looking good well into autumn.

Baskets and tubs will dry out faster than garden plants, so it is important to keep them regularly watered.  Irregular watering may cause stress.  Inserting a drip feed into pots will help and is easy to install.  Use a timer too if you are going to be away.  Water in a greenhouse at the beginning of the day - this will stop damp being a problem as the greenhouse cools down overnight.  Water outside tubs ideally at the end of the day, to save excessive evaporation.

Pinch out flowers that have finished - this will tidy up the basket/tub and will also encourage new growth.

Feed weekly with a liquid feed such as tomorite.

Enjoy the garden.

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