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August jobs in the garden

Posted August 8th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
August jobs in the garden

August is the time to really enjoy your garden - a time for the 'fun' jobs!

Dead head any plants that have flowers that are finished such as roses.  This will encourage new flower heads to form.  Cut back any perennials that have finished.

August is a good time to prune your wisteria.

Keep on top of pests and diseases by removing diseased leaves from plants, keeping an eagle out for bugs and dealing with them before they become a problem.

Feed container plants at least fortnightly with liquafeed or an all purpose plant feed.  Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers will benefit from a weekly feed of tomorite.  Continue to pick fruit and vegetables to encourage more fruit.

If your tomatoes are slow to ripen, remove a few (not all!) of the leaves above the fruit to allow more sunlight in.

Harvest your vegetable garden bounty.  Enjoy sweetcorn, potatoes, carrots, redbeet and beans amongst others.

Keep the lawn tidy and do not worry if it starts to brown - it will perk up as soon as more rain arrives.

Relax and enjoy natures bounty!

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