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April gardening hints

Posted April 4th 2016 in Topical Tips 0 Comments
April gardening hints

April has arrived and it is finally time to really get stuck into the garden.  Days are brighter, nights not so cold and if you're like the writer then the gardening bug is ready to get stuck in! 

Nights can still be cold - so it is important to protect fruit blossum from frosts. Trees and shrubs will benefit from a top dressing of a slow release fertiliser such as bonemeal.  This will sustain them through the season. Prune any shrubs that have finished flowering, such as forsythia.  Don't be tempted to prune those still to flower!!!  Roses that have started to ramble can be tied into place.  Clematis will be shooting, so can be tied where you wish them to flower.  Daffodils can be deadheaded as they finish. 

Lawn seed can be sown now.  Existing lawns will be needing cutting and now would be a good time to feed and weed to establish a healthy lawn.

Weeds will be showing their ugly heads, so there is always plenty to be done!

In the vegetable garden first early potatoes that have been chitting can be planted, and later in the month this is followed by second early varieties.  Check your seed packets as many seeds can now be planted direct into the garden - these include carrots, parsnips, beetroot, cabbage, and radish.

Tomatoes can be started in a warm greenhouse or will be available from the garden centre.  These must be protected from cold overnight temperatures.  Courgettes, cucumbers and flower seeds can also be planted in the greenhouse now.  Check your seed packets.

Lots to do - lets get gardening!

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