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Time to propogate your favourite summer plants

Posted August 30th 2018 in Latest News 0 Comments
Time to propogate your favourite summer plants

Late summer is a good time to take cuttings from your favourite plants.  There are many plants that can be propogated - such as geranium, hebe, viburnum, bay, lavender and sage.  Its worth having a go!

Choose a section of this years' growth.  Make sure it looks healthy and snip with sharp, clean secateurs.  A section approx. 10-15cm works well.  Cuttings will work best if you plant them straight away, but if this can't be done, pop them in a plastic bag or a bowl of water until you are ready.

Trim off the bottom leaves, leaving just a couple on the top.  Take off any flower buds.  If the plant has large leaves, cut them in half.  This will help the plant to root as it will be putting energy into making roots, not keeping lots of leaves going.

Dip the cutting in hormone rooting powder or gel and place in a pot with a mixture of potting compost, sharp sand or perlite.  Always water in well.  Cover the cutting with a plastic bag and a rubber band to give the plant its own microclimate and extra warmth.  Place on a windowsill or in the greenhouse.  If you have a propogator, then putting the plants in this will work in a similar way.  Make sure that plants are kept moist and remove any damaged or dead leaves.  It is a good idea to label your plants too - so that you do not get trailing and upright plants muddled!

The cuttings should start to root.  They will need to be kept moist and warm over the winter months, but should give you strong plants to harden off in spring, ready for a head start on next years' garden.

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