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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Time

Posted October 13th 2017 in Latest News 0 Comments
Halloween Pumpkin Carving Time

Its Pumpkin harvesting time!  Farmers are picking their pumpkins ready for carving or making into soups and pies.

The traditional pumpkin we see at this time of the year is a lovely orange colour and is used for carving.  It comes in many sizes - all the better to suit your carving requirements.  However, it is not the tastiest if you plan to be more adventurous.  There are other varieties that are better for eating, which tend to have tougher skins and darker insides.

Carving is great fun.  There are many designs to copy on the internet, or be creative with your own.  Always choose a pumpkin that is solid.  Remember that they will have been picked for a week or so, so any soft spots will mean that the pumpkin will not last to Halloween, as we discovered with our enormus beauty this year!  Always be careful using sharp implements and supervise children.

Show off your design with a tea light inside.  Remember to consign the pumpkin to the compost heap before it disintegrates into a soggy mess!  Trust us - its not fun to move then!

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