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Protect your Garden from severe weather

Posted February 23rd 2018 in Latest News 0 Comments
Protect your Garden from severe weather

The weather is due to take a turn for the cold this weekend.  Our gardens are starting to sprout, so what can we do to protect them?

Horticultural fleece is sold by the metre, or in ready made shapes to cover your plants.  It is relatively inexpensive.  Any fruit trees that may be starting to blossum will benefit from a fleece 'blanket' to stop the frost/snow damaging the blossum.

Plants that are slightly tender can be covered in fleece blankets, or purchase ready made covers from fleece to put over them.  Putting straw around the plant before adding a fleece will help even more.  Plastic cloche domes over individual plants works well.

Mulching around roots will help protect them from frost.

Greenhouses can be lined with bubblewrap to keep frosts off.  Or place bubblewarp around tender plants, remembering to take it off again as soon as the weather improves.  A greenhouse heater set to 2 or 3 degrees will keep frosts at bay and protect any seeds you may have started.

Covering outside furniture will also protect and prolong the life of chairs and tables.

Lets hope the current cold snap is short and spring is around the corner!

Happy gardening.

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