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Gardening tips for November

Posted November 6th 2017 in Latest News 0 Comments
Gardening tips for November

November is here with its cold weather and shorter days.  Keep yourself warm in the garden, as there are always things to be done! -

Keep tidying those leaves. Use a rake or leaf grabbers to make the job easier.  Make mulch for the garden and now start to use last years mulch on the garden.

Add grease bands to fruit trees to prevent moth damage.  Grease bands are pesticide free and will prevent caterpillars climbing the tree and therefore halt moth infestations in spring.  If you have young fruit trees and rabbits, protect them with tree guards.  More established apples and pears will benefit from winter pruning.

Plant bulbs now if you haven't already done so.  Overplant tubs of bulbs with winter colour such as pansy, primrose or viola for winter long colour. Perennials can be mulched.  Make sure you have lifted any tubers before frosts really set in.  Store them in a cool, dry shed.

Feed the birds!  They will be getting hungry as food sources dry up.  Feed them all through the winter - there is a wide range of feed available for all types of garden bird.  Use a feeder (like our lovely poppy feeders) or a bird table to attract them.  Make sure they are kept clean and therefore disease free.  Putting feeders near your window so you can watch from your favourite chair!

Keep warm and enjoy the garden!

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