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Gardening jobs in May

Posted May 4th 2018 in Latest News 0 Comments
Gardening jobs in May

The first May Bank Holiday is here, and for a change we appear to be in for a treat of warm, sunny weather.  It is time to truely get stuck into the garden.  Here are our hints on jobs to do -

Protect tender plants overnight as there is still a chance we may get frosts.  Use fleece or old pots to protect.

Plant out summer bedding as the weather warms through the month.  There are plenty of lovely colourful plants to choose from in the garden centre.

Hoe the weeds that seem to grow faster than anything else in the garden.

Open greenhouse vents and doors on warm days to allow airflow.

Harden off plants growing indoors, ready to put out later in the month, such as dahlias, tomatoes and pumpkins.

Take cuttings of tender plants to expand your supply - such as fuchsia and geraniums.  Leave two leaves at the top of the cutting, take off any flowers, dunk in some root grow and put in a pot of compost.  Keep warm and watch the new plants grow.

Tie up peas and sweetpeas to encourage growth.

Feed container plants and vegetables on a regular basis.  Tomorite is a good all round fertiliser.

Watch out for black spot on roses and treat with rose clear if required.

Tidy up the lawn by weeding and feeding once it is cut.

But most of all - get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine in the garden!!

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