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Looking after your garden in a dry spell

Posted July 23rd 2019 in Latest News 0 Comments
Looking after your garden in a dry spell

Many parts of the Country are experiencing a dry spell, with no rain on the horizon.  Using water wisely, saving what we can and keeping the garden watered are priorities.  Here are some ideas to help -

Move pots and hanging baskets into shadier parts of the garden if possible.  This will stop them drying out quite so quickly.  If hanging baskets are showing the strain from lack of water, take them down and put their bottoms into a bucket of water.  Give them a good soak and they should perk up.

Save as much water as you can - keep a watering can handy to fill with sink and bath water.  Only use this water on flower beds, or your vegetables may take on a strange taste!  Get a water butt ready for when the rain does start.

Only water the plants that really need it - such as salad crops.  Many perennials may look droopy during the day, but usually perk up overnight.

Ventilate your greenhouse.  This will help the plants by giving them airflow.  This may also discourage some pests and not give mould or other problems a chance to get started.

If you are going on holiday consider putting soaker hose around your garden on a timer, or set up a watering system which will come on for a set time daily and keep your garden fresh.

Don't worry about your lawn - it will perk up as soon as the rain appears.

Get out in the garden and enjoy the sunshine - it won't last!!!!

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