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July Gardening Tips

Posted July 7th 2016 in Latest News 0 Comments
July Gardening Tips

July is the month you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labours in the garden.  There are still jobs that can be done however!

Tidy hanging baskets - dead head old flowers to encourage new growth.  Feed and water regularly.

Deadhead old flowers especially on roses and sweetpeas to encourage new growth.

Take cuttings from tender plants as well as shrubs and perennials.  Dip shoots in rooting powder, pot and get them shooting in the greenhouse or sunny inside spot.

Train cucumbers, pick out side shoots on tomatoes.  Feed and water regularly.

Apply general fertiliser to the rest of the garden.

Harvest onions and garlic as the leaves 'flop'. Tie up and store in a dry room to dry.

Pick fruit and vegetables as they come ripe to enjoy and to encourage further fruiting!

Feed the lawn.

Check regularly for pests and deal with them before they become a real problem.  Slugs especially will be prevalent in the damp weather.

Make a cuppa and sit and enjoy your garden!

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