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Halloween means pumpkin carving time!!

Posted October 30th 2019 in Latest News 0 Comments
Halloween means pumpkin carving time!!

The end of October is Halloween and traditionally that means pumpkin carving fun for all the family! It also means lots of delicious soups and pies to be made with the insides.

The pumpkins that you see in garden centres and supermarkets at this time of the year are ideal for carving, but are underwelming if you try and cook them.  Maybe next year if you are growing your own, plant a few seeds of more interesting varieties and get the kids cooking.  These varieties tend to have tougher skins and darker insides. Curried pumpkin soup is really delicious and so easy to make.

Pumpkins come in many sizes, so you can choose how big and adventurous you wish to be with carving.  There are many designs available on the internet, or just get creative on your own.  Always choose a pumpkin that is solid.  Remember that they will have been picked for a week or so, so any soft spots will mean the pumpkin will not last until Halloween.

Always be careful using sharp implements and supervise children.

Show off your design with a tealight inside.  Once carved, pumpkins will generally last around a week, so don't start too early.  Remember to consign your pumpkin to the compost heap long before it disintegraes into a soggy mess!  Speaking from experience, its not a pleasant task to move once its soggy!

Enjoy Halloween and stay safe.

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