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Feed plants now for better results

Posted April 12th 2018 in Latest News 0 Comments
Feed plants now for better results

The garden is starting to come alive and now is a good time to think about feeding growing plants.

If you are preparing the soil ready for new crops, think about the condition of your soil.  Could it benefit from a dressing of lime to reduce acidity?  Lime will also help provide other essential elements.  A simple soil test will establish if you need lime or not. 

If you are planting a larger area, it is worth base dressing the soil with growmore to help establish plants.  Fastgrow, volcanic rock dust, bonemeal and poultry manure are other very good soil conditioners to consider.

Mulch around established plants to give them some added nutrients, or sprinkle fertiliser such as fastgrow around the base.

Bulbs that are working hard flowering now will benefit from fertilising with tomorite.  This will help them to build stonger bulbs ready for a stunning display next year. 

If you have citrus plants that are starting to shoot, start fertilising them regularly with citrus food.

Plants get hungry just like we do, so give them a treat!

Enjoy the garden.

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