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February Gardening Tips

Posted February 6th 2018 in Latest News 0 Comments
February Gardening Tips

February is always a cold month, but spring is just around the corner.  Now is a good time to plan your garden from the warmth of inside, or for the truely hardy there are jobs that can be done.

Fruit trees will start to blossom soon and if the weather turns bad then it is worth protecting blossom from cold, wind and frost with horticultural fleece.

Rhubarb is starting to show its head and can be forced under a terracotta pot.  Potatoes can be chitted in a cool, frost free room.  Plant broad beans.  Many seeds can now be planted if you have a warm greenhouse/windowsill to get them going, though there is also no harm in waiting a few weeks to get started!

February is a good time to have a general clear out of the greenhouse and garden shed in readiness for the coming season.

Winter flowering shrubs such as hamamelis could be pruned once they have finished flowering, to tidy them up and keep them compact.  Wisteria vines can be pruned now, by cutting side shoots to two or three buds.  Plant bulbs, onions, garlic and roses now.

Manure and mulch the garden.

Snowdrops can be divided after they have flowered, but do while the leaves are still green.  Spread them around the garden for a greater show next year.

Don't forget the birds!  They are still hungry.  We have a wide range of food suitable for all garden birds.  Keep the tables and water bowls clean, ice free and topped up.

When the weather turns really bad, armchair gardening is jus the thing!  Plan your garden, choose new plants and seeds, stock up at the garden centre and dream of spring just around the corner!

Enjoy the preparation and planning!

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