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Fast Grow Fertiliser Facts

Posted April 3rd 2017 in Latest News 0 Comments
Fast Grow Fertiliser Facts

New In Stock.  We are currently the only UK stockist of this new, exciting fertiliser 'FastGrow Seaweed Plant Fertiliser'.  It is a unique blend of seaweed and chicken manure and the makers claim it is the BEST 100% natural fertiliser on the market today.  So it has got to be worth a trial!

All ingredients are sourced, treated, blended and processed from Ireland and Northern Ireland chicken manure and seaweed.  This makes them unique in the UK market, as all other producers source from the continent.

Using 'Fastgrow' could increase your yields and bloom growth by up to 40%.  Fertiliser can be dug into beds or combined with compost when pots/tubs are being prepared, top dressed over existing plants or mixed in with general compost. It can be used on bare root, fruiting and flowering plants, vegetables, flowerbeds and hedging - anywhere that could do with a boost.  It can be used all year round.

'Fastgrow' is a natural fertiliser which also acts as a tonic for your soil, increasing microbial and worm activity, binding soil particles together to increase tilth.

For more information, follow the facebook page @FastGrowFertiliser. 

Come in store or order online to try out this unique new fertiliser.

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