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Lawn care in Autumn

Posted October 18th 2017 in Latest News 0 Comments
Lawn care in Autumn

Your lawn is looking good at this time of the year, but this is a good time to give it some additional TLC.

Any gaps in the lawn will not fill with seed at this time of year, as it is too cold.  However, autumn (and early winter) is a good time to lay turf, before the ground gets too wet or cold.  Make sure the area you wish to cover is well prepared, level and free of stones.  If possible, it is a good idea to let ground that has been worked 'settle' before turf is laid.  Make sure turf is well watered when it is laid, and continue to water.  Aviod walking on turf for a few weeks to give it time to settle and to root.

If your existing lawn is looking patchy, or is full of moss, then it could probably do with a scarify.  Remember however, that doing this now will leave you with bare patches through the winter, and it may be worth leaving this job until the spring, when the lawn is starting to regrow.  Remove old grass or moss that may impede water and fertiliser getting to the roots by raking vigorousy with a spring tined rake.

Lawns will benefit from aerating in the autumn.  Use a fork to push holes in the lawn, or use special aerating sandals.  Fertilise now, and if you are using weed and moss killer on the lawn, be aware that you may have bare patches until spring.

Enjoy the garden.

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