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April Gardening Hints and Tips

Posted April 7th 2017 in Latest News 0 Comments
April Gardening Hints and Tips

Spring seems to have well and truely sprung in parts of the country, days are brighter and the urge to garden is growing!

Nights can still be cold so it is important to protect fruit blossum from frosts.  Use fleece over the plant if a frost looks likely.  Trees, shrubs and hedging may be hungry and could benefit from a top dressing of a slow release fertiliser such as bonemeal.

Prune shrubs that have finished flowering!

Climbing and rambling roses, clematis and honeysuckle will be springing to life.  Tie them into place and train them where you want them.

Daffodils, tulips and hyacinths will be finishing.  They can be deadheaded in April.  Any indoor hyacinths that have finished can be planted in the garden for a good show next year.

Sow lawn seed if needed or fix patchy grass.  Existing lawns will no doubt be needing a cut and April would be a good time to feed and weed to maintain the healthy lawn.

Perennials can be lifted and divided now.

In the vegetable patch, plant out seeds direct such as carrots, parsnips, beetroot, cabbage and radish.  Always follow the packet guidelines.  Early potatoes that are chitted can be planted, followed by second earlies later in the month.  Mound them up to protect them from frosts. 

Tomato plants will be appearing in the garden centre now.  These must be protected from cold overnight temperatures, so are ideal in a greenhouse now.

Keep the weeds at bay (why do they always grow faster than the plants?), get out and enjoy your garden.

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