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Multi-change Adjustable Fruit Picker by Wolf

(Approx $26.3049)
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Wolf Garten is the leading brand in garden tool systems in the UK with a comprehensive range of multi-change tools. with the multichange'every tool fits every handle' system, there is a choice of handles that suit different tools and applications.

  • Fits a 3 or 4 metre Aluminium Telescopic Handle with Grip
  • Easy fit 'plug in' system
  • Safely carry out any tree care activity from the ground
  • A gentle pull and fruit drops into the strong collection bag  
  • Has a built in knife for those stubborn stalks
  • Angle of cutting head adjusts for ease of use
  • Product CodeWOLF-RGM
  • Height0cm
  • Width0cm
  • Depth0cm
  • ColourN/A