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Windowsill Seed & Plant Raising Propagator Kit - Gardman Grow It

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This Gardman Grow It Windowsill Seed and Plant Raising Kit is perfect for growing seeds, seedlings, plug plants and cuttings. The slim design means it will fit easily on a windowsill. The plastic lid protects delicate seeds and creating the ideal environment for them to grow as it acts like a propagator. 

This kit includes 1 tray, a 36 cell insert and a transparent lid made from sturdy plastic. THe Cell will help you when you come around to replanting your seedlings.

  • 1 Tray
  • 1 Lid
  • 36 cell insert
  • 3.8cm Square Cells
  • Product CodeGAR-08597
  • Height11cm
  • Width54cm
  • Depth16cm
  • ColourN/A