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Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi - 360g bag

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Superb For Root Development

Rootgrow Mycorrizal Fungi is a unique natural fungi which attaches itself to the roots of plants and acts as a secondary root system.

The effect of this is to increase and improve the uptake of nutrients and water to the plant which in turn becomes much stronger and healthier

Rootgrow is particularly effectvie when planting roses, especially when they are being planted in existing rose beds which often can not be planted in due to the problem of 'rose sickness'.

  • Better health and nutrition
  • increased drought tolerance
  • Helps against rose replant problems
  • Natural
  • 360g bag treats approx 18 2ltr plants
  • Product CodeROO-TGRO360
  • Height0cm
  • Width0cm
  • Depth0cm
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