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Hydrangea Colourant - J. Arthur Bowers - Change Pink Flowers to Blue

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J. Arthur Bowers Hydrangeas Colourent 500g. Hydrangeas flower in late summer and the colour often depends on the pH of the soil. Acid soils produce blue flowers, alkaline soil produces pink. J Arthur Bower's Hydrangea Colourant can influence the colour when added to the soil. Containing a combination of iron and aluminium salts, the colourant acidifies soil to provide the condition hydrangeas require to produce blue blooms. A pale pink bloom will become blue and a darker pink variety will turn mauve-blue. Please note that White blooms will not change colour. 

  • Size: 500g
  • Application: 50g per square metre
  • Contains aluminium sulfate hexadecahydrate
  • Acidifies Soil to produce Blue Flowers
  • Mix into Compost when Potting or Planting
  • Product CodeSTAX-FZNM134J
  • Height0cm
  • Width0cm
  • Depth0cm
  • ColourN/A